In the kitchen: D.I.Y edible Christmas treats

Hey dolls! It’s nearly Christmas and I love making things at this time of year whether it’s awesome homemade gifts or amazingly delicious treats I absolutely adore getting my D.I.Y on. I recently saw two of the most adorable Christmas treats that are perfect if you’re having people over for a party during this festive season. So I figured I’d give them a go.

  • Melted snowman cookies

2014-12-21 16.37.00

Ingredients: pack of chocolate chip digestives, marshmallows, icing sugar, icing pens, 

You need to make your icing for the melted snow but you want it to be quite thick so use only a tiny amount of water. Next you need to take your marshmallow and the black icing pen and draw a mouth and some eyes then draw a nose with the red icing pen. Then you need to splodge the icing on to the biscuits to make it look like a patch of melted snow. Then you add your snowman head and decorate the puddle when it’s set with buttons, arms and a scarf if you want to.

  • Strawberry Santa’s

2014-12-21 16.23.13

Ingredients: strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate chips

You need to slice the end of the strawberries off then you add your whipped cream for a beard and add some chocolate chips for eyes. Place the top of the strawberry back on as a hat, pop them in the fridge and you’re done.

And there you have it two really simple edible treats for the holidays. Merry Christmas y’all.

Paige x


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