My Happiness Project #2

Hey dolls! So, here it is month 2 of my happiness project and I’m feeling pretty pumped about it. I’ve managed to stick to a healthy diet, since I had a relapse with my colitis last month I’ve adopted a clean eating diet as I want to make sure I’m being as healthy as possible with what I’m putting in my body, this includes cutting gluten and dairy out of my diet, however because I’m only human I allow myself one YOLO meal a week just so I don’t go crazy and fall off the wagon completely. Also on a side note I’m thinking of maybe becoming vegan for lent.. What do you think? Last year I became vegetarian and I stuck with it for a good 9 months before I started eating meat again but i felt really good while I was doing it so I’m feeling like more of a challenge this time. But anyway I digress, I thought long and hard about what I wanted to work on this month.

Read 1 book a month. When I was younger I used to read all the time, I absolutely loved the feeling of accomplishment when I finished a book. Somehow over the years I’ve lost my enthusiasm for books and I’m not sure why. When I find a book I’m excited to read I won’t put it down but it’s building myself up to want to read a book in the first place that I seem to struggle with, I’ve become quite lazy  in that if I know there’s a film adaptation I’ll watch the film instead (I know it’s shameful, I still get annoyed by people who haven’t read any of the Harry Potter books because “why bother when the films are out??”). Over the last three months or so I’ve been buying books that I know I want to read but since buying them I’ve avoided actually starting any of them, or if I have started them I haven’t gotten far enough into them to get  myself hooked. This is what I want to change. I want to get back to how it felt when I was a kid finishing a book and being really pleased with myself and feeling buzzed because I can’t wait to start another.

Write a blog post once a week. I really enjoy reading blog posts and I love the feeling when I publish a new post but sometimes I find it so incredibly difficult to concentrate or get motivated enough to write one that I just procrastinate. I really want to get into the flow of writing regular posts. I’d like to mix it up and write some recipe posts, beauty, lifestyle and even fashion posts.

Socialise more with friends. I’m a bit of a home body and  I’ve always chosen a quiet night in over a night on the town but recently I’ve had a couple of nights out with both friends from work and a girls night out and I really enjoyed myself so I’d really like to go out more often and spend more time out and about with friends.

So that’s it for month 2 of my happiness project, so far it’s going pretty well and I’m looking forward to this next month.
Image: Whatever you are be a good one [book]

Much love,


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