Maintaining blonde curly hair

Hey dolls! I’ve been asked a few times by people with Afro Caribbean hair how I maintain my frizz free curls so I thought I would write about the products I use to keep my hair healthy and what I use to style it as well.

Firstly I should say I very rarely comb my hair (shock horror) but when I do I use a wide tooth comb before drying it or while I’m in the shower whilst I’ve got my deep conditioner on. Otherwise daily I just finger comb my hair whilst I’m in the shower as this seems to keep my curls quite nice. I always use a conditioning mask as my hair tends to dry out a bit overnight so I like to replenish my hair with to help it stay soft, shiny and strong.  During summer I like to let my hair dry naturally unless I’m in a rush then I will use my hair dryer with the diffuser on the cool setting to avoid heat damage though I will still use a protector spray on the ends in particular I like to use the John Frieda heat defence spray I love the smell.

If I want to style my hair in an up do I use my invisibobbles as they won’t damage my hair or put any annoying kinks in it and if I’m trying to make it particularly neat I’ll pop a couple of bobby pins in it or hair grips. Though I generally like to do a quick messy bun or a standard ponytail. I’ve found that styling wise curly hair is quite low maintenance as I wear it down pretty much everyday and I always carry an invisibobble with me in case I fancy popping it up through the day.

To rid myself of any flyaways I like to use hair serums but finding serums that aren’t heavy can be difficult and I’ve found that they often leave a sticky residue on my hair which I hate and some have even ended up drying my hair out more than if I just left my hair with the flyaways. However I believe I have found the perfect hair serum that is lightweight has a silky feel, leaves no residue and keeps flyaways at bay! Bold statement to make I know but this serum has been working a dream on my hair especially with the weather getting warmer my hair is prone to drying out and becoming frizzy. So far I’ve had no issues with frizz since using this serum I cannot praise it enough now I know you’re probably thinking come on Paige just tell us what serum it is! Well calm yourselves because I’m going to tell you. It’s the BLEACH London split fix serum! Boom! It’s available in Boots and is super cheap

Having Afro Caribbean hair I’ve spent years chemically straightening it, over-using straighteners on it using a lot of  hair products that aren’t designed for my hair type. From 16 until I was 21/22 I was had my hair chemically straightened because I’d always wanted straight hair and I hated my natural curls (because it was more like a ball of frizz) while my hair was straight I went through a huge range of hairstyles long, mid length, pixie crop, bobs, asymmetric bobs and a pixie crop again and then I finally decided that I wanted to grow my hair again however when I hit 21 I just couldn’t be arsed to keep spending the money on having it straightened so I decided to grow it out. Luckily this was during my pixie crop phase so it was easy to grow out though It was very time consuming, it’s taken about 4 years to get it to the length it is now. Crazy huh? 

Regular hair cuts? Well regular for me is once every 3 months as supposed to the six to eight weeks recommended though in all honesty I’ve only been getting my hair cut regularly for the last year or so. I used to get my hair cut twice a year at best as I’d only get it cut when I was bored of my current hairstyle and wanted a complete change. I am much better now though, I just get a trim and I always have my hairdressers straighten it which breaks their hearts as they have expressed repeatedly that they prefer my hair curly and they don’t like straightening it but my thought is always “well I’m paying the best part of £100 on my hair I’m getting my money’s worth and having it straightened”. I don’t think they’re a fan of that thought process but it’s very rare that I have my hair straight anymore so it’s nice to have a change occasionally. 

Now I’d like to make a point of saying that this has not been a quick process, it has been a very long process taking a few years to reverse the damage done by the years of chemical and heat damage on my hair. So please I cannot stress enough that you need to stick with it even if you’re frustrated that it doesn’t seem to be working or that your hair still feels dry or gets frizzy throughout the day. It will get better you just need to stick with it and you will start to see results. Afro Caribbean hair is really high maintenance to look after but the pay off is amazing and definitely worth the time and effort that you put in.

 Current favourite products
Invisibobbles – The Groovy Food Company Coconut Oil – BLEACH London Split Fix Serum – Davines All in One Milk – BLEACH London Silver Shampoo & Conditioner – Bed Head by Tigi Dumb Blonde Reconstructor – Catwalk by Tigi Oatmeal & Honey Shampoo
Paige x

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