Sweater Weather Tag!

Hey dolls! I’m so excited that it’s Autumn it’s my favourite season and as you’ve probably guessed from the title this is a tag post. I’ve seen loads of YouTubers do this tag and since I don’t have a YouTube channel I thought I’d write a tag post. I figured now was the perfect time to do this tag as in the UK at least we are definitely experiencing sweater weather.

Favourite candle scent

I’ve been burning Yankee candle wax melts all year. However during the last couple of weeks I’ve been burning the home sweet home melt. It’s such a cozy smell it’s like baking and a nice hot cup of tea which is amazing this time of year. I also really like Yankee’s cosy by the fire & vanilla bourbon which is new this year I think.


Coffee, tea or hot chocolate

Tea all the way! I hate coffee a passion, I don’t like the taste or the smell, I do love a hot chocolate in the colder months but during Autumn in particular I love a good vanilla chai latte and I still haven’t been able to decide who’s I like best out of Starbucks or Costa.Though when I’m at home I make my own with Twinings vanilla chai latte, almond milk (I don’t drink regular milk) and if I want it to be a little sweeter I add some agave nectar as I hate sugar in hot drinks (or on cereal if you were wondering).

Best Autumn fragrance

My favourite perfume to wear at the moment is Beyone’s Heat. I think it’s a really warm sexy scent and I think it’s perfect for this time of year.

Best Autumn memory

My best memories of Autumn would definitely have to be playing with my friends after school as kids, going trick or treating and getting ready for Bonfire night with my family. Sparklers are awesome!

Favourite book that you’re reading this fall

I’ve just started reading ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ which so far I’m enjoying but I’m only two chapters in. The good thing is I haven’t seen the film yet so I won’t be comparing the two as I get annoyed when films miss parts of the books out.

Which make up trend do you prefer? Winged eyeliner or dark lips

I love wearing a dark lip through Autumn. My favourite lipsticks are MAC diva, studded kiss, dark side, vino (lip pencil), Nyx copenhagen and Sleek mulberry.

Favourite Thanksgiving roast dinner food

Living in the UK we don’t have Thanksgiving but we do have Sunday roasts which probably isn’t the same thing but roast dinners become more frequent during the Autumn and Winter, though if my step dad had his way he’d cook one every weekend year round. My favourite parts of a roast dinner has always been the sides. Roast potatoes and cauliflower cheese in particular.

What’s Autumn like where you live

Well the UK is know for it’s unpredictable weather so Autumn can range from beautifully sunny and mild to torrential rain and freezing. Today’s it’s been very cold and raining on and off.

Most worn sweater

So far this Autumn my most worn sweater has been my Oh Crap sweater. It’s really cozy but not too thick so if I’m indoors I don’t get too hot.

Must have nail polish this Autumn

In previous years I’ve gone for a dark nail like Essie’s ‘the perfect cover up’ which is a peacock teal or ‘dress to kill’ which is a deep red. But this year I’ve fallen in love with Essie’s ‘comfy in cashmere’ which is a grey/mauve. I also like more nude shades (for my skin tone) like ‘cocoa karma’ which is a light cocoa brown. I love Essie nail polishes if you couldn’t tell. All the shades I’ve mentioned were from the limited edition seasonal ranges I think.

Football games or jumping in leaf piles

Being from the UK we don’t have that whole football thing. So I’d have to say jumping in leaf piles though I would love to watch an American football game one day.

Skinny jeans or leggings

Leggings. I love how comfy they are and how you can pair them with pretty much anything.

What’s something nobody knows about you?

I am terrified of velvet… I’d even go as far to say I have a phobia of it. That’s right guys I cannot touch that fabric without wanting to scream, cry or vomit. I also can’t touch velour as it has the same texture and I even find it hard to touch peaches when they have the skin on. It makes my skin crawl.

Combat boots or Uggs?

Uggs all the way. I don’t care that they’re a fashion faux pas or that they’re unpretty I love them. They’re incredibly comy and keep my feet cozy when the weather gets colder which is all that matters in my opinion.

Is pumpkin spice worth the hype?

I’ve never actually tried anything pumpkin spice. As I’m not a fan of coffee the Starbucks latte is out of thhe question and we don’t really have anything pumpkin spice in the UK but I’m sure if I tried something pumpkin spiced I’d probably love it.

Favourite Autumn TV show

This year it’s got to be both Once Upon A Time and American Horror Story. Though I always have my throwback TV show Friends which I can just watch and re-watch as it’s timeless.

What song gets you in the Autumn spirit

I have a couple of songs in particular that really get me into the Autumn spirit. High by the beach is my new love. It’s from Lana Del Rey’s latest album and I can’t get enough of it. I love all of her music and I would love to see her live.

Drunk by Ed Sheeran is amazing by it’s self but for some reason the remix just really makes me feel all Autumnal. But again I love Ed Sheeeran! He is my ‘weird’ celebrity crush though I have no idea why it’s a weird crush… I think he’s lush!

Hats or scarves

I love both hats and scarves though I’m more likely to throw a scarf on with my fluffy ear muffs than a hat.

Favourite thing about Autumn

I love the leaves changing colour and how the weather can still be mild with a crisp edge. Baking! I always feel like baking or making things like chutneys for Christmas presents during Autumn. I just love being all cozy in the kitchen.

Favourite Autumn movie

At Halloween it has to be Hocus Pocus hands down as let’s face it; it’s the greatest Halloween film in the world. But outside of looking forward to watching that all October I love watching Practical Magic during Autumn. I’m not sure why but it’s definitely a film I look forward to watching over and over during the Autumn months.

Now I challenge Nicole Sage of sleek chic, Franjeska of franjeska sophia, Chelsea of loving life in wellies, Hannah of pull yourself together, Sarah of everything you don’t need to know about Sarah, Kirsty of just a little bit ginger and Jasmine of mine yeung. I can’t wait to see your answers ladies. I also tag anyone who wants to do this tag.

Much love

Paige X


7 thoughts on “Sweater Weather Tag!

  1. lyydialau says:

    I would honestly never call Uggs a fashion faux pas just because I’m so in love with wearing them! 😀 I’ll honestly wear them all fall! 🙂


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