Blogmas #1: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 

Hey dolls! I can’t believe it’s almost here. I absolutely love Christmas time. It’s the only time of year it becomes socially acceptable to eat until you’re fit to burst, drink excessively (but still be responsible kids). I have decided to take on blogmas; which will be a serious shock to my system as I’ve never attempted to blog every day. But let’s see how it all goes. 

Last week I got a tiny bit excited last week when I ordered myself a little 3ft snowy Christmas tree and some decorations, so I went ahead and popped my tree up last Wednesday and decorated it as soon as I got home. 


I bought my tree and some of my decorations from ASDA which I was really pleased with as I really wanted black and gold decorations. However a couple of days later I saw an 81 bauble set from Next which included gold, bronze, black and silver baubles. I immediately fell in love with them and had to buy them. So I ended up re-decorating my tree on Saturday. 


Much love,

Paige x 


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