Blogmas #4:How I get in the Christmas spirit

Hey dolls! Eeeeek only 3 weeks to go!! I am so freaking excited this year and I have no idea why. I think I must just be more at peace with myself and my life than I have been in recent years.

I’ve been trying to think about what it is that’s made me get into the Christmas spirit so early this year I think it helped that Peter André switched on the Christmas lights in my home town.

I’ve wanted a snowy Christmas tree for a couple of years now so the fact I actually got around to buying one this year has definitely got me all excited. 

I’ve booked off from the 17th so I have just over two weeks holiday over Christmas and the whole of the week before I’m going to be getting my housewife on and doing a lot of baking as my mom puts on a buffet every Boxing Day and I want to provide the sweet treats. Plus I’m going to be baking a practice wedding. Cake for my sister to try. 
I’ve been loving this week as Christmas songs have been seeping onto radio stations and I always want to sing along though my office don’t really like Marian Carey so I avoid doing my own poor rendition at work. 

Though I’m still behind with my Christmas shopping I’m really looking forward to sitting down and wrappings everything up. I find it all so therapeutic. I still have 7 people to buy for so its beginning to get a little stressful though. 

This weekend I’m hoping to get my crafty need on and make some decorations for my room and the office as we have a real life Scrooge who doesn’t like Christmas at all it’s annoying that we haven’t decorated the office. I’m going to rectify this next week.

And last but not least I watched my first Christmas film…. Last month… The Flintstones Christmas. I’ve never been able to find it on dvd though I’ve managed to find a site to stream it from. I watch it every year and it’s possibly my favourite Christmas film.

What sort of things have been getting you feeling all christmassy?

Much love,

Paige x


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