Blogmas #9: Vitamin C glow boosting moisturiser

Hey dolls! Sorry I’ve been absent the last few days I’ve not been feeling well with a migraine that just wouldn’t quit. Anyway over the last two months I’ve been using the vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser front the body shop and I’ve genuinely been loving it. 

I was first attracted to the glow boosting moisturiser as I’ve been an advocate of the origins Ginzing moisturiser for years now and I wanted to see if it could be a good dupe. 

First impressions: 

I absolutely adored the smell. I love how fresh and vibrant it is and it instantly makes me feel more awake. I love how light weight it is. Having oily skin I’m not a fan of heavy moisturisers so immediately loved how it felt on my skin. 

After 1 week:

I noticed my skin looking brighter. I started getting compliments about how nice my skin looked which is always a nice little confidence booster. My eyes didn’t look as puffy in the morning and bizarrely it started making me feel more awake.

After 2 months:

I noticed that my skin felt more hydrated and combined with 2-3 drops of my No7 facial oil its really kept oiliness at bay throughout the day. I always worry that moisturisers that aren’t aimed at oily skin will leave my face greasy but this doesn’t; my skin has felt softer and it definitely looks more radiant. A little goes a long way as well which is good as it’s meant that my pot is still going strong over two months down the line. With the weather changing over the last couple of months and the temperature dropping my skin normally has a hissy fit but since using the glow boosting moisturiser I’ve noticed that my skin has been pretty well behaved. It looks healthier and who doesn’t want happy skin during the winter months? 

What’s right with it?

  • The scent genuinely gets me every time I open my pot. It’s so refreshing. 
  • my skin looks more hydrated.
  • The price is reasonable at £16 for 50ml.
  • My skin looks less fatigued and has a healthy glow.
  • Lightweight non-greasy formula hydrates and doesn’t leave your face looking like an oil slick.

What’s wrong with it?

  • The first couple of days I had a mini break out but I have really sensitive skin and changing my skin are often has this effect at first. Plus it was that time of month..

Over all thoughts:

I really like it. My skin looks and feels great. I think the glow boosting moisturiser is a great dupe for Origins Ginzing moisturiser for someone who’s looking for a cheaper alternative. It’s definitely going to be something I repurchase in the future. It’s great value for money and a lovely little treat for yourself when you’re skins looking tired and dull. If you’re currently suffering with dull or tired skin you should definitely give this little beauty a try. 

Much love,

Paige X


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