Review: Loreal Steam Pod & why I’ll never use straighteners again! 

Hey dolls! I think it’s safe to say it’s about time I did a review on something… Or anything for that matter. I didn’t realise it had be so long. But better (extremely) late than never right? Anyway let’s get to it.
Over Christmas I treated myself to the Loreal steam pod 2. My beautiful sister Coral had been raving about them for weeks and she brought them with her for me to try when she visited for Christmas. Needless to say being the frivolous spender that I am I ordered a set from LookFantastic immediately after I saw the results.

I should point out for those of you beautiful people that haven’t noticed I’m mixed raced and as a result I have very thick Afro-Caribbean hair which luckily I find easy to manage (thanks to years of looking after it and daily conditioning) but like anyone with my hair type you always long for straight hair. So you either get a weave or you chemically straighten it which just DON’T DO IT! It is incredibly bad for your hair and pretty much destroys it. It both strips your hair of the natural oils making it dry and brittle and it weakens your hair – both of these are big no no’s as I assume we all want beautiful full thick strong hair… Right? Ok good. Get yourself a weave, or you use straighteners on it.

So a little about my haircare history: After years of chemically straightening my hair I got sick of it cut it all off (that’s right I went for the Halle berry style) and I just started from scratch. It took so long for my hair to grow out and at first it was really frizzy and in pretty bad condition thanks to all those years of pouring chemicals on my head. But I started shopping around for the best products to use to get my hair. If you’d like me to do a post on what products I’m using on my hair at the moment please let me know and I’ll write a post for you all.

So my sister has been raving about her steam pod for a few weeks and I’m a naturally skeptical person so I thought “yeah yeah I’ll believe it when I see it”. Well as you can see below that the results speak for themselves.

What’s right with it?

  • Ridiculously quick to use (I’ve gone from spending the better part of 2 and a half hours using my GHDs to getting my hair done 30-40 minutes maximum.
  • Amazing results, it make my hair really straight and it feels so smooth if you have thick coarse afro Caribbean hair it gives you “white hair”
  • Less frequent need to go over hair, even if the weather’s humid my hair lasts longer without the need to re-straighten it.
  • It has 5 temperature settings depending on your hair type
  • Reasonable price if you buy it from look fantastic it’s on offer at £139 though the RRP is £185.
  • The clear pod that you fill with water is detachable which makes filling it with water much easier.

What’s wrong with it?

  • Can feel quite bulky compared to slim GHDs though not a problem if you use wide plate straighteners.
  • Steam pod doesn’t alert you when you’ve used all the water.


Overall I can honestly say the steampod has been the best investment purchase I’ve ever made. And I highly recommend them to everyone especially those of us with Afro-Caribbean hair. If you’re looking for new straighteners I urge you to give the steam pod a try instead, you won’t regret it.

Much love,

Paige x


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