Life: 5 things you need for an extended stay in hospital

Hey dolls! I’m still in hospital *sigh* still on more meds than I can count and still having no signs of improvement. But I figured I’d write a little post about things I couldn’t live without during my stay hospital (not including access to the Internet).

  1. A good read: I’ve been reading eat pray love since coming into hospital (I’ve seen the film rookie mistake I know but I adored it and I always find books are better than the movies so I’m hoping it lives up to my expectations) 
  2. Colouring book : I honestly don’t know where I would have been if I hadn’t had one of these little beauties (and some pens of course) I have found it so relaxing and therapeutic to get lost in colouring as sitting in a hospital bed all day gets incredibly tedious and I get restless and end up wanting to pull my hair out because I’m so bored. Luckily for me my amazing nana bear bought me a lost ocean colouring book and some pens and I have had my head stuck in it through most of the day when I start feeling like I’m going a bit mad because I have nothing to do.
  3. A note pad: Always make sure you have a note pad because if you’re like me you randomly think of recipes or tattoo ideas so I immediately want to start doodling or writing down the recipe idea so I don’t forget about it completely. And I have been making a lot of food related notes over the last couple of days. I miss cooking so much so I can’t wait to try these ideas out!
  4. Favourite magazine : I’ve been given a couple of magazines but my absolute favourite magazine that I buy whenever a new issue comes out and I even have the online subscription is SurfGirl. I love it! I’ve been a massive fan since it first came out. They always have amazing recipes, fitness articles, travel ideas,  style articles plus it’s all about girl power in the sporting field. There are always awesome interviews with amazing female surfers.
  5. Eye mask: I struggle to sleep if there is any kind of light shining through the window, glare off the TV (my sister genuinely goes to sleep with the TV on if she’s alone it’s mental) and in my room there are dim lights which are in all night so I have been extremely thankful to have remembered to bring my eye mask otherwise the poor nursing staff would have to deal with an extremely grouchy patient and I think they have enough of those.

So there you have it dolls, my 5 essentials for an extended stay in hospital. I hope you enjoyed it. 

Much love,

Paige x


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