Photo Diary: Salty Toes & Sandy Kisses

Hey dolls! I hope you’ve all been having a fabulous weekend, and if you’re like me you’ve made the most of the nice weather and gone to the beach for the weekend.

Me, my sister Mog and momma bear took my Nan to Aberdovey for the weekend to celebrate her 75th birthday as this is where we used to come on family holidays growing up. We drove over on Friday afternoon and we stayed in a beautiful beachfront house which is owned by a family friend. He was very sweet and cooked us dinner on Friday night as that was nans birthday, we had a beautiful spaghetti bolognese and some stewed fruit with yoghurt for dessert. 

Over the whole weekend we ate some amazing food when we were away though pretty much all of it was unhealthy but totally worth it. If you can’t let go when you’re away when can you? 

We definitely picked the best weekend to go as well as the entire weekend was sunny and in the 20s, and it’s been rare to get a nice weekend weather wise this year. 

Much love,

Paige x


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