About me

Hey dolls! Paige here and welcome to my little slice of randomness.


Here’s a little about me:

Height: 5ft5in

Glasses: Yes, Glasses are for cool kids!

Hair: Naturally curly, shoulder length and recently blonde.

Skin: I’m mixed raced (English, Welsh, Jamaican and Indian if you were wondering). My skin is combination/oily and also very sensitive, prone to redness and breakouts *sigh*

Eyes: Very dark brown.

Tattoos: I have 7, I love tattoos and think they’re beautiful.

Random facts:

I am obsessed with Adventure Time, Game of thrones, Sons of Anarchy and Mad Men.

I genuinely don’t have a favourite film. There are just too many that I love to pick one!

Though I try to work out every day I’m super lazy and would rather curl up in bed that exercise.

I bite my tongue when I concentrate.

I love being by the sea.

I adore ancient history and science (particularly marine-based)

I have an honours degree in Ocean Science.

I would love to spend a couple of years travelling the world.

I have a really short attention span (be warned y’all I can get bored easily)